Why was CAPSULE created?

Many patients skip cleaning regularly when faced with inconvenient and unsanitary settings.  In their defense, it’s not easy. However, research now shows the consequences of poor hygiene is greater in Aligner Therapy. CAPSULE’S custom design allows for clean, easy hygiene on the go.

How will CAPSULE improve hygiene for patients?

CAPSULE is a polished retainer case that doubles as a carrying case for the cleaning products.  Sleek and slim in design, this organized kit makes brushing “on the go” clean and convenient.

What are the dimensions of the CAPSULE?

Less than 3/4 INCH HEIGHT X 7.7 INCHES LENGTH X 2.5 INCHES WIDTH.  Easy enough to conceal in most pockets.

What is included in CAPSULE?

Included in the case will be a 1) vented travel toothbrush, 2) travel toothpaste and 3) instruction booklet.  All packaged in a sleek, white gift box. If desired, there is additional room for chewies, aligner removal tool, bags of floss.

Where can replacement toothbrushes and toothpaste be found?

The dimensions allow for easy replacement of cleaning products found in the travel isle at major retailers and online.

Can Clear Retainers fit in CAPSULE?

Yes.  The silicone rails allow for any size aligner or retainer to fit snuggly without damage.

How should CAPSULE be cleaned?

The Capsule Case is Dishwasher Safe. It is recommended to place on top-shelf of the dishwasher or clean by hand in the sink.

How else can CAPSULE be customized?

Invisalign Teen patients can personalize CAPSULE with stickers of their preference.