5 Tips for Traveling While Wearing Invisalign

Although wearing Aligners has many lifestyle conveniences over braces, traveling can present some major challenges. It is important to keep up with your routine while you are not in the comfort of your home. This means wearing your aligners for the recommended amount of time and keeping up with brushing.  Easier said than done, right? 

 Here are 5 tips to make your aligner treatment convenient and hygienic while you’re on the go:  

Always Have a Bottle/Canister of Water

Patients have complained about experiencing dry-mouth with aligners. Having anything foreign in your mouth can throw off your saliva production resulting in dry-mouth and bad breath. One easy solution is to drink lots of water! Staying hydrated is so critical anyway, so it’s a great lifestyle habit to jump into and stick with. 

Bring a “Travel Kit” to Hold Your Brush and Toothpaste

You may feel funny about brushing your teeth in public, but it’s not a routine you can skip. Putting your trays back in after eating without brushing can cause all sorts of problems like plaque buildup, discoloration, and odor. Being prepared will help you stay on track. It’s important to keep that case clean too after using it in public. Ideally, use a case that is dishwasher grade for easy sterilizing.  

Have Hand Sanitizer “Handy”

You’ll have to take out and re-insert your trays numerous times in public places without access to a public restroom, or one that lacks the cleanliest conditions. If soap and water aren’t available, always carry an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with you. The CDC recommends sanitizers contain at least 60% alcohol. This can take a toll on your hands, so it’s probably a good idea to have some moisturizing lotion too.  

Carry an Aligner Removal Tool

Not only will this make it easier to remove your trays, but also, more hygienic. This small tool is designed to grab and easily remove the tray so you don’t have to use your nails. Because it’s “hands-free”, it can also prevent the spread of germs and viruses. 

Bring Your Next Set of Aligner Trays

In the case, you lose your aligners, or your tray falls in the airplane toilet, it’s important you have a plan B. Even if it’s days before you’re supposed to be moving to the next tray, it should be fine in this instance. Contact your orthodontist immediately if there is any fit issue with the tray. 

You’ve invested time and money in your smile, don’t sacrifice your treatment. Prepare a little and it will make aligners clean and easy while you’re on the go.