A sleek and convenient way for patients to store their retainers.

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Compact + Sanitary Storage of Clear Retainers

Finally a sleek, convenient storage solution which holds clear retainers. Capsule is a storage case that doubles as an oral hygeine kit.

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This all-in-one Anti-Microbial Case features:

Group 3 Copy 7

100% silicone rails (compress to hold aligner/ retainers in place) – This also allows aligners to quickly dry

Group 3 Copy 8

Top lid rail holds aligners/ retainers in place (regardless of size)

Group 3 Copy 9

Dividing walls and partitions hold brush and toothpaste in place

Group 3 Copy 10

Double clasps ensure case remains closed while in pockets or purses

Group 3 Copy 11

High-gloss finish keep the case looking “fresh”

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